•A bolt from/out of the blue (idiom) -

  Something completely unexpected or surprising; that which occurs without any warning.(晴天霹靂,平地一聲雷)


  1.News that they were going to dissolve our company came like a bolt from the blue.  

  2.It was a bolt out of the blue when the prime minister announced his resignation.

  •On the verge of sth (idiom) -

  At the point when something is about to happen or is very likely to happen.(瀕臨…,處於…的邊緣)


  1.The company was on the verge of going bankrupt.  

  2.The country was on the verge of becoming prosperous and successful.

  •On a par (with sth/sb) (idiom) -

  At the same level or standard as (someone or something else).(與…相若,可與…媲美)


  1.Property in this bustling city is valued even higher, almost on a par with London.  

  2.Her writing at its best is considered to be on a par with Charles Dickens.

  •Room for manoeuvre (idiom) -

  Opportunity to make changes or to do things differently in order to produce a better result.(迴旋餘地,調整空間)


  1. Parliament has more room for manoeuvre than is thought.  

  2. Small businesses have limited room for manoeuvre.

  •In one stroke, at a stroke (idiom) -

  If something happens at a stroke or in one stroke, it happens suddenly and completely because of one single action.(一下子,一舉而成)


  1.The disease wiped out 40 million rabbits at a stroke.  

  2.When the economy crashed, thousands lost their jobs, their homes, and their pensions in one stroke.